Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vicky Philips - Fraud Story

Vicky Philips runs a paid website GetEducated.com. GetEducated.com itself is a website that misguides students and ruin their career by given them wrong and sponsored advises.

Vicky Philips pledges to harm you. They claim that they have been quoted by Newsweek “GetEducated.com – "a great source for weeding out phonies" (among online colleges).” This statement has not been published by Newsweek it is altered.

This proves that GetEducated.com doesn't have any physical existence anywhere that shows that they are not authentic business owners.

GetEducated.com is a big scam they vow to harm students. Biased ratings - Biased rankings of online colleges and universities.

Credible sources like Wikipedia have also deleted GetEducated.com and Vicky Philips from their website because they know that both GetEducated.com and Vicky Philips are fraud and playing with people's careers.

Indeed Vicky Phillips is a fraudster and Get Eduacted is a Big Scam.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vicky Philips - An Inside Story

Vicky Philips the Founder & CEO of Get Educated a heavily paid advertiser who takes money and advertises her clients is a notorious fraudster.

While observing Vicky's website and creation Geteducated.com the first impression one gets is that both the site and its owner are heavily paid advertisers that advertise for various unknown universities and colleges. With sponsors occupying 60% of the website space in the middle you can view the actual content they are trying to display. The content generally has negative points for a variety of similar colleges, universities which belongs to the same pool of the ones advertised.

Going through one of the most reliable source on the internet Wikipedia, I searched for Geteducated.com. The results show that the page initially was there but was deleted.. Wikipedia only publishes authentic information because all over the world Wikipedia is being regarded as the most authentic source so the deletion of GetEduacted’s page from Wikipedia tells us that there must be something thing is not in the interest of general public so Wikipedia removed the page and all the information presented on that page.

Wikipedia as we all know is a very authentic source for any kind of information whatsoever the picture here will clearly give you the reason why the page of GetEduacted was removed from Wikipedia .